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7 Benefits of Marketing Automation

Posted March 10, 2015

Whether you spent months or years building your database, keeping in contact with the people you do business with is important. The question is, how often do you keep in touch with them and are you doing anything to make that process easier and more effective? 

There are a variety of "touch programs", but at the end they all say "You should contact your database 'x' times per year." Some say as little as 8 times is sufficient, and some say up to 33. 

The stats show that in real estate, only 25% of agents make a 2nd touch and only 2% of those leads convert into houses sold.

Two. Percent.

Only 10% of agents will makes more than 3 touches (yikes!) and the agents that make between 5 and 12 touches are the ones soaking up the sales.  Just 3 more touches per year raises your likelihood of selling a home from 2% to 80%.

So how do you build in more points of communication with your database? The answer could be to spend hours and hours creating post cards, sending personal emails, and making phone calls. Or you could get software like eMerge that helps you streamline and automate the communication for you. 

Marketing automation helps small businesses with limited resources to run effective online campaigns. You can implement automatic email and social media campaigns to nurture your current database and generate leads.

Here are the 7 benefits of using marketing automation.

Save time by allowing you to reach your entire database in one shot

The days of sending out postcards to your past clients is a thing of the past. While a handwritten note is still effective, it is unrealistic to send out a handwritten note to your entire database 33 times each year. Email automation makes it simple to send out a newsletter to your entire database. The days of curating, designing, printing, and mailing out a newsletter are gone. Not only is it faster and easier to send out an email newsletter, but you can view a report to see how effective it was.

Deliver personalized experiences
Marketing automation allows you to send emails based off of previous engagement on your website or certain behaviors within an email. You can also set your system to send out automatic birthday emails, the anniversary of buying their home, and more. You don't have to work harder to engage with your clients and new leads, you just have to work smarter. 

Save money and accomplish more with less (staff)

Marketing automation has been a life saver for marketing managers and small business owners. You can plan and execute your marketing plan with a single staff member. Try doing that with traditional marketing tactics.

Nurture leads easier
Marketing automation makes engaging with your new leads easier and faster. As soon as someone submits a form on your website, your automation software can send them an email that says someone will be contacting them soon. After the initial conversation, you will know if that lead qualifies to do business immediately, or perhaps needs to be put off. At that point, you can place those leads on a drip campaign until they qualify.

Build detailed customer profiles

A good email automation system will tell you your open rates and click-though rates. A great system will allow you to build detailed profiles on your customers, so you don't know just their name and email address, but you know their overall behavior within the campaigns, and you are able to trigger messaging based off of their behavior. 

Coordinate online and offline efforts
Marketing automation should not replace your offline marketing efforts entirely, but rather complement it. You can completely customize your email so that it matches your website, your business cards, and your print materials. With personalized email tempaltes in eMerge, and a coaching staff to help you out when you need it, coordinating your online and offline branding is painless.

Keep it simple

In the end, you're just trying to make your audience's experience with your business as seamless and consistent as possible. Marketing automation makes it possible for you to engage with your audience on multiple platforms. With software out there like eMerge, it is super simple to start your marketing automation today.