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Facebook is changing (again)

Posted December 9, 2014
Just when you thought you had it figured out, Facebook is changing again. Their announcement in November stated that they are putting more quality controls into place that limit your posts from reaching the people who "like" your page.
It seems as if Facebook is trying to do all they can to keep your business page's posts out of your audience's feed, but why? Facebook is just listening to what the people want. Earlier this year, Facebook surveyed 500,000 people about their experience with Facebook. The results showed that people were unhappy with the frequency of ads in their feed, and that they wanted more real content from their friends.
Facebook wants businesses to stop posting promotions, sweepstakes, and other "hey, buy this" posts. Facebook wants you to share what the people want: high-quality posts.
The good news is that you've got time to learn what Facebook thinks "high-quality" posts are. These changes don't take effect until January 2015. Phew!
"High-quality post" is not a mysterious magical word. It just means posting something that is relevant to your business and your audience. Let's say you're a real estate agent. You should post mostly about the real estate market and other topics that position you as an expert of the area you sell houses in. There's nothing wrong with posting your listings, but those types of posts may be flagged as "low-quality" depending on how it's worded.
To distinguish high-quality posts from bad ones, Facebook has put a set of "content controls" into place. The content controls filter out the promotional posts and push the high-quality stuff.  Fortunately, Facebook has given us a few resources to educate ourselves before the big change. Along with their reasons for updating, Facebook also provided us with tips for creating high-quality posts.
It was nice of Facebook to keep us in the loop, but there are some things they did not cover. We know what we should do, but what should we not do? This is a big change for a lot of us business owners, so we need to know what the no-no's are. Here are examples of posts that will be marked as "promotional", therefore blocking your post from everyone's newsfeed.
  • Like this post to be entered to win 2 tickets to Sunday's game.
  • Check out this gorgeous house on 123 Main Street. Just reduced to $230,000.
  • We just got a ton of new jewelry in today. BOGO sale through Sunday only!
  • Only a few hours left of our huge holiday sale! Grab you free makeup bag with purchase using code HOLIDAY14.
We just need to listen to what Facebook is telling us to do, and abide by the guidelines. Based on Facebook's advice, if you have a sale you'd like to push, try boosting  that post, even if only for $5 or $10.
Ask yourself this: are you gaining new customers? Converting sales? Establishing brand community through your social presence? If the answer is no, you need to adjust your approach now and especially moving into the new year.
The bottom line is that you need to create high-quality content, or you need someone to create it for you. Take a look at your resources. Do you have time, money, and manpower to take control of your Facebook and make it a truly engaging experience for your audience? Whatever your answer, eMerge can help you.
eMerge has an expansive content library with articles and images to share to not just Facebook, but the rest of your social channels. Our content library also has blog content that you can post as your own. Our scheduling tools allow you to take it even one step further and automate your content. Check out easyeMerge.com for more information. 

POSTED ON 12-10-2014