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eMergeU: How to re-connect your social channels

Posted October 2, 2014
Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are constantly going through changes and updates, which is good! Sometimes these changes can play tricks on third-party apps, like eMerge. The most common problem is that your account will become disconected from that third-party app. Somtimes it will disconnect just because you changed your password. When that happens it's a good idea to get it reconnected as soon as possible so you get to take full advantage of all of your awesome eMerge content!

Why Is It Important?
No matter what you use to post content, your ability to do so is only as good as your connection to the social channel itself. You want your content to reach your audience, plain and simple. And whether that's with the ability to automate content, or create and schedule your own messaging inside of eMerge, having your social channels connected is the best way to ensure your message gets out to all of your fans!

So How Do I Know?
In any marketing plan it's always important to monitor your channels regularly to ensure everything is running smoothly, but in the off chance you do miss something and content fails to go out eMerge lets you know right away through an email notification.

You can also see it under your Social Connections page with instructions on how to reconnect:

Whether you are reconnecting an old channel, or connecting a brand new channel, the process is extremely easy! Just watch this short tutorial below.

If you still have questions, or want to go over your eMerge account with one of our marketing coaches, shoot us an email at support@easyemerge.com, or give us a call at (985) 781-4471.