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What's all the buzz around Facebook?

Posted September 26, 2014
In preparation for the next eMerge webinar "Chelsea Takes On... Facebook" we checked out the recent "buzz" around the largest social media platform in the world.

Facebook's Messenger App is surprisingly a hit
Facebook recently made it mandatory that all mobile users install a secondary app in order to message other users. The question is, "Why?" The answer is not clear, but it is probably Facebook's response to competitors' messaging apps. The app has topped the charts as the most downloaded app since July 2014, but some still refuse to adapt. Read the full story here.

Facebook gets nervous as ad-free Ello gains traction
Ello is an invite-only social network that has positioned itself as the "anti-Facebook." The ad-free network had recieved a lot of criticism, but at a rate of 38,000 signups per hour, critics realized it's not just another start up.  Some think Ello will fail. Other's think it's going to kill Facebook's numbers. Either way, Facebook has had trouble retaining it's users, especially in the younger crowds.

Next big thing in your Facebook Feed: a button to buy right from the ads
Facebook's has partnered with Stripe so Facebook users can purchase the products that are featured in the ads in their feed. It hasn't rolled out yet, so details are limited, but keep an eye out for more news. Read more about the partnership here. 

POSTED ON 09-22-2014