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Big Data For Small Business

Posted June 5, 2013
Big Data A Big Deal About ninety percent of the data in the world today was generated in the last two years alone, and that number is growing as more people move their lives & businesses online. Big data includes things like social media updates, pictures and videos, credit card purchase records, customer behavior, click streams, log files, audio files, and demographic data, to name some. Whenever someone posts to Facebook or opens an email, they are creating a data point.

Businesses face the challenge of finding ways to easily store, organize, and analyze data. Forbes calls this the “irony of the information age” because we have “so much data, and so little business intelligence.”

Big Data Is For Everyone Usually, people see big data as a domain of big business, but this is simply not true. It is important that small businesses get involved with data so that they can experience the kind of growth that they think only big businesses can see.

Data is all a perspective of scale. Every business comes to a point where the amount, speed, and diversity of data become too heavy to handle alone. The important thing for organizations of any size to remember is to pay attention to the details, even when you have a lot of data. Even though small businesses are not managing thousands of transactions per hour, they still have a large amount of data available to them that they can to process.

Big Data Is A Tool Data has the potential to be a great tool for small businesses if they are willing to take advantage of it. Programs like eMerge  can help to give you access to data previously only available to big businesses with big bucks. It can help to give small businesses and professionals the information they need to adjust products or services to meet the needs of the customer, It also helps businesses make their processes more efficient and facilitate data-driven results.

Get Ready, Get Set, Get Data! Businesses, small and large, can use tools to analyze the data at their fingertips. Companies like eMerge work to develop software that better collects and analyzes data for your business.

Businesses should be using their online presence like social media, blogs and website, to observe customer behavior and collect information. Tools like eMerge can help professionals collect this data and use it to make good business decisions.

Small businesses can actively analyze the online customer data such as engagement, interest and feedback. They can then apply this information to their business practices, turning data into more profits.

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