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Using Your Blog For Business!

Posted May 8, 2013
So you want to blog and write on topics you are passionate about, and that speaks to your customers. But how do you create something that people will want to come and read every day? Here are some tips to keep your readers coming back for more.

Post with Purpose This is a rule across all online marketing platforms, but is slightly amended when it comes to blogging.  Typically, you should not post unless you have something of value to add to the community. With a blog, however, it is assumed you have something of value so you are able to establish a content schedule for yourself.

What’s In A Name Many times blogs include this in their name, like “Real Estate Weekly,” or “Daily Cooking Updates.” Having a name like this means that the site will be updated at least once a week, or even daily, and the writer must abide by that schedule. It is your job to make sure you can follow a set schedule for yourself, yet still put out meaningful, relevant information for your readers.

Stay Current You want to make sure what you are posting is timely, or current. You will not be seen as a good source of information if your information is outdated and old news. Blogging isn’t necessarily a real-time platform like Twitter, but it’s good to keep it as close to that speed as you can. The more current your information, the more people will rely on you.

Stay Engaged Crowd-sourcing is huge in the blogosphere. It is as basic as asking people what they want to read about, and basing your writing off of their responses. When people give you a good suggestion, it’s a good idea to try to cover those topics because it will show your readers that you are willing to listen and engage with them.

Ask for Feedback When community members write really good comments, write a post about what they said to highlight them and their contributions. This is one of the easiest and best ways to build an audience over time, and engage with them and highlight those that really contribute positively to your blog.

Don’t be Rude You would think this is common sense. There was a blog once that jokingly suggested giving illegal substances to people if it would get them to invest. It was intended to be funny; it wasn’t, and comments like that run a serious risk of offending people. This was a blog about personal finance, the comment totally immature and it clashed with the brand image the writer was trying to develop.

Save The Drama For Your Mama Unless your company revolves around taking stands on controversial issues, it’s best to leave that type of commentary at home. Statements like these stand to upset or anger half of your potential customers no matter what side you take.

Remember The 4 Factors of Posts When you are blogging you want to keep these basic building blocks in mind: Linkable, Searchable, Sociable & Scanable. Always include links to your sources, your other online channels and related articles you’ve written. Include tags to make it easier for people to find you through search engines. Respond to people who comment, comment back & also comment on other blogs. Lastly, don’t write with huge blocks of text, break it up with images, headers & visual elements to make your post simple to scan, while still getting the message.

Blogging is not hard, but it does take commitment. Time will be your most valuable resource when it comes to filling your blog with content. But what if there was a way to fill your blog consistently with engaging, lifestyle content without having to worry about when you will have the time to do it. With eMerge you can utilize thousands of professionally written content articles to supplement your professional blog. Start using your blog to make money today with eMerge. Find out how at www.easyemerge.com or give us a call at 985-781-4471.


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