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6 Tips for Content Marketing

Posted May 20, 2013

Does your business have a blog? Are you satisfied with the role it plays in your marketing? A lot of times, business blogs fall under the label of “cost of doing business,” which basically means “We’re not sure what it does, but we’re afraid to stop doing it.” Here we will go through exactly how you can use your blog as the focal point of your content marketing and start building brand strength, customer loyalty & more revenue.

Build a Foundation In order for your blog to be the center of a strong content marketing plan, you’ll need to make sure you build your blog on a strong foundation. You’ll need to get tech resources to support your blogging efforts, like the team provided for you through the eMerge program. For most businesses, this translates to ongoing technology support, rather than a few minutes of someone’s time when they’re available. This are essential to a strong foundation because you will have a team of professionals maintaining the techy stuff for you.

Know Your Audience Before you begin blogging, you’ll need to know whom you’re writing for and what they’re interested in reading. This will come from your data through things such as reports, analytics & insights. Reports from email, social media and surveys can be generated from the eMerge platform. You can also incorporate Google Analytics & Facebook insights into eMerge to get a full picture of just who your audience is. Once you know who your audience is and what they like, you can generate content to fit their needs.

Develop A Plan Several components come into making a good content marketing plan. You’re going to want to map out your promotional calendar by planning your organization’s marketing events for the year and using public holidays where appropriate. The purpose is to create hooks for your content. You can also include relevant tradeshows and conferences, as well as social media participation.

You definitely want to have a calendar in place to keep up with company events, holidays and other points of interest that you can feature or incorporate into your blog posts. Also, figure out what kind of posts you want to put out & schedule them on that calendar. It will help to keep you accountable and will also keep you on track. Just remember that if you have any ongoing columns, themes or promotions that you stick with them on a consistent schedule, you would be surprised at how people will start to keep track of your posts.

Optimize For Effectiveness Your content isn’t finished once it’s written or created. You still have to enhance its attractiveness to readers. Here are some key points to make your content work for your business.
  • Integrate your brand somehow into each blog post and piece of content.
  • Optimize content for search [link to 4 factors blog]
  • At a minimum, focus each post or piece of content on a keyword phrase, and be sure to include both internal and external links!
  • Entice readers by making it easy to read your content. Break your content into bite-sized information chunks, use bold type to guide readers who are skimming to grasp the sense quickly and use photographs to attract attention.
Promote Your Content Just publishing your content isn’t sufficient to reach a broad audience. You’ll also need to promote your content so that more of the right people see it. This can be as easy as including social sharing buttons to extend the reach of your blog post, or allowing readers to receive your posts through email without having to think about it.

Sharing your content across the social media platforms will help you engage more of your audience. You can automate this process with a programs like eMerge that allow you to schedule your content. You can also include social sharing buttons with each blog post and other content to enable readers to share your content.

Email newsletters are also a fantastic way to get more eyes onto your blog. By tapping into the contacts and clients you have already, you can bring in more views & prompt more engagement with your content.

Track Your Results As with any other business initiative, you must measure your results. Plan your metrics and content creation to ensure that you have integrated the ability to capture the data you need through programs like eMerge and Google Analytics.

When used properly, a blog not only supports your social media, search optimization and sales processes, it acts as the hub for the rest of your content marketing. Don't neglect this valuable resource & start putting together a plan to get the most out of your content marketing.

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