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About eMerge

The leading email marketing platform in the real estate space, eMerge services thousands of real estate agents, brokers and companies around the globe. Subscribers can use the platform’s do-it-yourself tools to create, schedule and analyze email campaigns and workflows or gain a helping hand with one of the proven real estate campaigns designed to help busy real estate pros stay on task and engaged with their online audience.

With offices based on New Orleans, LA and Los Angeles, CA, both the eMerge platform and eMerge Founder/CEO Bondilyn Jolly have been recognized and awarded by the Governor of Louisiana for their contributions and impact to the growth of the technology sector in the state of Louisiana. The company has also been featured in Inc. magazine, Huffington Post, Inman News & RISmedia and was recognized in 2015 as one of the ’Top 50 Software Solutions for Real Estate'.

Leadership Team

Bondilyn J. Jolly - Founder & CEO of eMerge
Bondilyn Jolly
Founder & CEO

Bondilyn Jolly is an Internet entrepreneur and the founder and CEO of eMerge (easyeMerge.com), the leading email platform and light CRM in the real estate sector servicing 1,000’s of brokers, agents and real estate technology companies and millions of consumers daily. The eMerge platform was recognized in 2015 as one of the ‘Top 50 Software Solutions for Real Estate’ and has been recognized by the State of Louisiana as a top technology company.

Ms. Jolly dedicates her expertise to many public and private organizations throughout North America to assist with business growth, recovery and development. Among her many recognitions, Ms. Jolly was recognized as the 2011 "Technology Leader of the Year" for the State of Louisiana by Governor Jindal, is a March 2012 scholar of the prestigious Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business program and serves as a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post. She has also been featured in Inc. magazine.

Never knowing what time zone you’ll find her, Ms. Jolly currently resides between two great cities - New Orleans, LA and Los Angeles, CA - with her family.

Ethan Jolly - CFO and Executive Vice President
Ethan Jolly
CFO & Executive Vice President

Ethan Jolly has served as CFO and a managing partner within NMD for the past 11 years. Within his role at NMD, Ethan works closely with contract negotiation, financial strategy and management, and internal and external staff and client relations. The former head of the National Weather Service's (NOAA) Riverwatch online environment and the visionary behind CollectPro software, Ethan's mix of financial and technological sense provides a strong foundation on which NMD's products and services are built.

A transplant to New Orleans, LA from Providence, R.I., Mr. Jolly splits his affections between the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots.

Kevin Blank
Kevin Blank

Mr. Blank has served as the CTO of NMD, Inc. for the past 10 years. He is responsible for the oversight, mentorship and management of NMD's software development teams as well as oversight and collaboration with Rackspace, the organization responsible for the multiple server environments within which NMD's solutions are housed. Mr. Blank served as the lead developer for the OffenderWatch® project prior to assuming his role as CTO and is a driving force behind the development of both the CollectPro and eMerge platforms.

Kevin spends his free time competitive sailing. His dream is to retire on a sailboat in the Bahamas.

Matt Litchliter - Creative Director
Matt Litchliter
Creative Director

Perhaps the most 'fun' position at NMD, Matt Litchliter brings a strong background in both traditional and digital art design to his role as NMD's Creative Director. An internationally recognized artist, Matt's keen eye and attention to detail attitude help the creative division appropriately mix beautiful design with engaging, interactive technology that is rarely matched. Mr. Litchliter is the mastermind behind the visually enticing eMerge™ campaign as well as the user interface for the platform.

A native of the New Orleans area, Mr. Litchliter brings a strong sense of Southern flare to the not only the NMD team but also to his personal artwork depicting the New Orleans' scene. The only thing he enjoys more than painting is enjoying his time with his beautiful wife and their two little girls.

Aaron Gutekunst - Customer Experience Team Leader / CHO
Aaron Gutekunst
Customer Experience Director

A self-proclaimed plant nerd and gardening enthusiast, Aaron Gutekunst has spent the last four years helping to grow eMerge through developing a team that provides a quality experience for our users, as well as hands-on coaching for growing businesses. He works directly with eMerge partners to provide ongoing support for their staff, and ensure their needs are met. He has not missed a single episode of The Walking Dead and his favorite number is 42.

As our CHO (Chief Happiness Officer), and life-long experience as a Louisiana native, he uses his country-fried influence to help promote the atmosphere and company culture that makes eMerge unique. When asked about major goals in life, Mr. Gutekunst will list "never needing to jump out of an airplane" among his top 5.

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